Specific aspects of privacy on our website

Digital Tracking Technologies


We use cookies, pixels, web beacons, mobile analytics and advertising identifiers (collectively, digital tracking technologies) on our Website. We use digital tracking technologies to collect personal information (such as cookies stored on your browser, your device’s advertising identifier or IP address) when you visit our website.

Ambrose Law Office uses these digital tracking technologies to collect personal information about your online activities. This information is used to store your preferences and settings, analyze how our services work, track your interaction with the services, track your orders, and develop inferences about you for marketing purposes, as well as deliver and personalize advertising based on your interests. We also collect information about the products and services you search for on the site or in which you show interest by tracking your activity on the site.

Ambrose Law Office will notify you when we are tracking any activity through cookies and the option to accept or reject the tracking code.

Cookies (tracking code) are small data files that are stored on the hard drive of your computer equipment or electronic communication device that you use when browsing our Site. These data files allow status information to be exchanged between our Website and the browser you use. “State information” may reveal means of session identification, means of authentication or your preferences as a user, as well as any other data stored by the browser with respect to the Website.

Cookies allow us to monitor a user’s behavior online. We use the information that is obtained through cookies to help us optimize your shopping experience. Through the use of cookies we can, for example, personalize our home page in your favor so that our screens display better according to your type of browser. Cookies also allow us to offer you personalized recommendations regarding products, and emails.

Cookies are not spyware, and Ambrose Law Office does not collect data from multiple sites or share the information we obtain through cookies with third parties.

Like most websites, our servers log your IP address, the URL from which you accessed our Website, your browser type, and the date and time of your purchases and other activities. We use this information for system administration, technical troubleshooting, fraud investigation, and for our communications with you.

Your browser will accept cookies and allow automatic collection of information unless you change the default browser settings. Most web browsers allow you to manage your cookie preferences.

At any time, you can adjust your browser to accept or reject cookies (tracking code). In case of refusal, your activity on the portal will no longer be tracked. The following links show how to adjust the browser settings of the most frequently used browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft edge
  • Internet explorer

If Website cookies are disabled, our Site will not load properly.

If at any time you decide to revoke your consent to the use of Cookies, this means that no new Cookies will be added. However, you must delete existing Cookies in your browser. To do so, consult the help section or the official site of your browser.