Personal Information Requested

Ambrose Law Office will request personal information from the users of the services, holders of personal information, in order to be able to provide the best personalized experience in the use of the services that Ambrose Law Office provides, to the extent of its possibilities to make you reach At the discretion of Ambrose Law Office messages that may be of interest to you, whether their own or from our advertisers and third-party advertising with whom Ambrose Law Office has entered into agreements. In order to provide you with a better experience, for this reason and for service quality purposes we will send you a satisfaction survey. The type of information requested from users of the services may include: name, email address (e-mail), address, postal code, contact telephone numbers, date of birth, personal interests, and credit card information. ; Not all the information requested at the time of registering for the services of Ambrose Law Office is mandatory to be provided, except that which Ambrose Law Office deems appropriate and that the owner is informed of at the time of registration.

Ambrose Law Office will request said Information to be able to sell products and services to the owner or when it deems it appropriate or necessary, for example, when the owner wants to participate in contests or promotions sponsored by Ambrose Law Office , in the surveys put into practice, to evaluate and/or provide the services more satisfactorily, when users want to make a purchase, etc. The personal information that Ambrose Law Office collects may be used to  requests for product reviews, data analysis, sales and marketing activities of our own services and products, never shared with spammers. The owner of the data when registering grants his full consent freely and voluntarily to provide the personal data that is required, with the understanding that if the user decides not to provide mandatory information, he will not be able to access the services that such information actually requires. However, you may have access to all other services that do not require such Information. In no case and under no circumstances does Ambrose Law Office store sensitive personal data such as racial or ethnic origin, current state of health, genetic information, religious, philosophical and moral beliefs, union affiliation, political opinions, sexual preference, etc.

Privacy and protection of personal data

Ambrose Law Office makes use of the most advanced technology and processes for the protection of information provided by the holders of personal data. This technology encrypts, scrambles, and prevents the interception of information supplied over the Internet, including credit card and email addresses. Ambrose Law Office establishes and maintains administrative, technical and physical security measures that protect personal data against: damage, loss or alteration, destruction, or unauthorized use, access or treatment. Ambrose Law Office contains hyperlinks or hypertext “links”, banners, buttons and search tools on the World Wide Web that, when pressed or used by users, lead to other Internet portals or sites owned by third parties. Despite the fact that in some cases these third-party sites or portals are framed with the navigation bar or the look & feel of Ambrose Law Office, the Information that the owner may provide through these sites or portals is not covered or contemplated. for this privacy notice and its management or use is not the responsibility of Ambrose Law Office, so we recommend our users to check the privacy notices and policies displayed or applicable to these sites or third-party portals.

Ambrose Law Office implements administrative, technical and physical precautionary measures to protect the owner’s personal information from loss, theft, or improper use, as well as from unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or destruction.

The online services employ SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption on all web pages where personal information is requested in order to protect the confidentiality of personal information during transmission over the Internet.

When using  products, services or online applications of Ambrose Law Office, own or third-party such as social networks, the personal information shared by the owner on private messages, newsletter subscriptions, or any informations shared by 1 on 1  are not visible to other users, who can not read, collect or use it.